Western Mass Trip Beverage Review Part 1: Skinny Girl Margarita

Whole foods trip

I love going back to my hometown. It gives me a chance to see friends and relax. This past weekend, my girlfriend and I went to Western Mass for my friend’s wedding. Now, as per usual, when you travel for a weekend, you will forget something which will require a Walmart/Target run. Saturday with just hours before the wedding, we made that voyage to Walmart, in the quest for undershirts.

“Let’s swing by Whole Foods first, just to see if they have that Tropa Rocka Snapple by Brett Michaels”, I say as we already start deviating from the plan. No Tropa Rocka, but a fantastic selection of beer. I had my eyes set on the BBC Coffeehouse Porters since I walked into the store, so I grabbed 2 bombers. Second I caught a glimpse of the coffee stout I had in Portland a couple months ago and picked it up for my dad. Lastly, a 4-pack of Saranac Pale Ale Tall Boys, I was most pumped about this find for some reason. No undershirts yet, just beer. Reviews on all of the above to come in separate posts.

A quick stop at Walmart and we were off to Liquors 44 in Amherst on the quest to find the Skinnygirl Margarita, which my girlfriend had been searching for in New Hampshire since it came out and has turned up unsuccessful. Of course Liquors 44 had a healthy supply. Not taking any chances, she picks up 4 and we return from our Walmart trip with a bag of booze, oh, and some undershirts.


So this Skinnygirl Margarita isn’t something I would ask for at a bar, nor reach for at a liquor store, because I need to keep my manhood, however I did kind of enjoy it. It was my first pre-mixed in a bottle beverage and I was surprised. The bottle touts that it is 12% abv, but I don’t quite know how it works with pre-mixed beverages. It tastes like a margarita without the intense alcohol flavor. You definitely taste the lime in there, and goes well in a pint glass on the rocks.


I will give it a solid B/B+. I am not a big mixed drink fan but I would definitely have it on a hot day and highly recommend it to those who are looking to “mix” things up. See what I did there?

All for now, anyone attending the #CruiseUp tomorrow? If so, see you there!