Coat of Arms Pint Night: A Race Against the Clock

MM and I spent the evening with some friends and some pints at the Coat, which should be a tradition. Tuesday and Thursday you can get all of your favorite pints for $2.99, even the mixed pints if you feel adventurous. The problem with pint night? Time.

You see, the Coat of Arms is a fine British Pub, complete with a Snooker table and home to the best burger I have ever had, the Piccadilly Circus.

The one thing lacking at the Coat that can make or break your experience is the service. There usually is never a quiet night at the Coat. A pub of this nature attracts loud people for some reason which results in stressed out servers. On multiple occasions my friends say they are none too pleased with the servers attitudes and on this particular occasion, the timing.

We enter at 8:15 and instantly order a beer from Server #1. Myself a Boddingtons (always) and MM a Black & White, and 2 other pints for our friends. We continue to chat as most humans do when in a social situation as server #2 comes over 10 minutes later and asked if we have been served yet. We say with friendly faces that our orders were taken and we were awaiting our thirst quenchers. Around 8:30 we are nervous and MM sends his lady friend to the bar to check the situation. We are worried that this one pint would be the only pint enjoyed at pint night price. 20 minutes after placing our order, our beer arrives at our table. The tunnel to a 2nd pint during pint night was closing in fast, and I knew I couldn’t make it. But that didn’t stop MM.

Looking at his watch, MM realizes there was 9 mins left in pint night and he still has first glass half full, orders his 2nd beer and confirmed it was at the right price. Success!

This would not have been a race against the clock if the staff at the Coat could pull it together. We aren’t frugal drinkers, but when we arrive with plenty of time to enjoy a couple casual brews while staying in the time frame of pint night, we shouldn’t have to rely on the speed of the server. Anyone have an encounter similar to ours?

Again, I am a huge fan of the Coat and will continue to go as often as I can, but this isn’t the first time we were treated like tourists in our own town.

The Coat also features trivia on Sunday and FREE snooker on Monday, which I enjoy playing.

TGIF! Cheers,