NHTweetup #CruiseUp! Ahoy Hoy Maitees!

Don’t freak out! This isn’t a post about Portside Seafoods, but I did want to mention that it’s doors have closed after being open for a month or two. I did have a chance to get there, and even though the food was poor (poor enough to not consider a blog post about it), they had a really cool ‘Beer Bible’, which was a binder with colorful photos of their beer selection. This restaurant is quickly being replaced by ‘Foo Bar’, who the heck knows how it will hold up, but any replacement should be better than Portside Seafoods.

I’m on a Boat!

I have been to one TweetUp since joining Twitter and at first it seems nerdy but it is a fantastic way to network. This TweetUp is going to be unlike any other, it’s on a boat! @CMajor has outdone herself this time and has secured an Isles of Shoals cruise ship soely for a TweetUp. For $5 you will get admission to the TweetUP cruise from 6-8pm AND you will get a free ticket to the Steamin’ Party Ship Cruise from 8:30-11:30pm! If you have ever been on the party ship you will know that A) It can be pricey, so a free ticket is awesome! and B) It’s one hell of a time!. Last time I was on it the beer selection was indeed basic and pricey which would encourage you to grab a brew or two at the brewery before the cruise.

This cruise is schedule for Friday July 30 and Seacoast Beverage Lab will be there! For more information check out the CruiseUp site: http://cruiseup.eventbrite.com/

Have you had a chance to get to the Brewery for their Blue Beery and Murphy’s Red? They will most likely be kicked this week so go grab a pint!