Let’s Play Catch Up!

I know, I know. It’s been a while and it is time to break the silence. Even beer bloggers like myself get caught up in the day-to-day 9-5 work thing :). The past couple of weeks have gone by fast! I am holding true to my ACBW pledge of only drinking craft beer. Here is what I have been doing/drinking.

Novare Res Bier Cafe – Péché Mortel

I took a trip up to Portland,ME for the first time. My girlfriend and I were walking around, thinking “wow this is exactly like Portsmouth, only a little dirtier” when we stumbled upon a sign for a Bier Bar. I instantly recall seeing a video over at Here for the Beer! and knew we had to go in and check it out. Right when you walk in, you feel like you’re in a secret society, located in the dungeon of a castle. On the table is a menu with a selection of food, but 99% of the menu is the selection of beers they have which is ridiculous. They have a solid collection from all over the world which means you have a hard time choosing just one beer. I knew I had limited time in Portland so I narrowed my search to Coffee Stouts, and landed on a good one from our friends up in Canada, called Peche Mortel. It was a fantastic Coffee Stout and there are even a couple grounds floating around in there. It smells like you just poured coffee beans in your glass and tastes smokey and just bitter enough to wake you up. A site I frequent, the Brew Site, did a special post for this beer coincidentally 2 days after I visited Portland, check it out here. My girlfriend got some Allagash White which came in its own special glass, very good!

On our way to the car, we stopped at a package store to see what they had. I walked out of there with a 6-pack of various cans from Butternuts Beer (Photos located in our twipics). The Pork Slap Pale ale is my favorite of the ones I bought. I think it was a little ambitious of Butternuts to put a stout in a can, as it tasted just OK. My first experience with canned craft beer was a good one!

Pils Von Faust

Just when I found the perfect summer brew it was gone in a flash. Months ago I was down in the Lapanza Lounge and I saw Tod talking with some gentlemen, and they were drinking Kate. Obviously when you run the show you probably have Kate the Great in the water cooler at your house if you want :). Anyway, a week later a post came on describing the situation.  One of the men, named Cornelius Faust, was indeed from Germany and Todd had spent time brewing over there with him (story here). Fast forward to now, he came over seas to the Brewery and created the Pils Von Faust with Tod. Simply put, a great summer beer. I was sad to see it leave, but 3 bottles remain in my fridge which I will hold on to as long as I can manage. Also made a great birthday growler for my dad (review pending), I’m sure he loved it.


The beer that the brewery states “Gose by any other name” was put on last night. A German wheat beer that has a hint of sour to it. As some of you may know I wasn’t the biggest fan of Flanders Red, which was a sour beer (hey, don’t say I’ll never tell you when I don’t like something from the Brewery. Sour just isn’t my style) so I was skeptical about this brew. It is very well balanced and easily drinkable. That brew in an imperial pint glass with 4 tempeh tacos was the perfect way to end my night. You will find me there again this weekend having another.

So that is what I have been up to. How have all our readers been? Hope your summer is starting off well!