Worst Beer for you in 2010- Big Foot

Side note: Consider this more of an informative post than anything, as the result of this study would go against my ACBW pledge I made in my last post.

Eat This Not That is a book that shows you how bad the food you eat is, by comparing it to eating a quantity of another bad food. For example in the same “Worst Drink in America” study, a can of Arizona Kiwi Strawberry has the same nutritional value as 7 bowls of Fruit Loops. Make sense? Yikes.

I skipped over to the Worst Beer section and much to my surprise it is a beer I believe they had served on the taps in the Brewery a couple months ago, correct me if I’m wrong. Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is dubbed the Worst Beer (nutrition wise) in America. Granted Sierra Nevada isn’t my first choice when going to a bar (I can still be changed), I am surprised to see the company in this category.

What’s worse about this is what you could be drinking to nutritionally replace Big Foot. The study shows you can drink 12 bottles of Michelob Ultra, ugh. Although I love the fact I could be drinking 11 beers and still be healthier than the guy who drank one, but I would much rather have that one great beer than 11 bad ones, thoughts? I haven’t had Bigfoot, nor am I a betting man but I would bet Bigfoot is better tasting than Mich Ultra. Besides, as a runner I can appreciate a beer with 32 carbs, more than 3 times than that of Guinness. Has anyone had Bigfoot?

All for now. Cheers!