ACBW Comes to an End

As American Craft Beer Week comes to a end, it’s time to reflect on the final days of one of the coolest beer weeks ever. A collaboration post on the Beer Social is in the works between me and Johnnie so stay tuned for that. Spoiler alert, it was excellent.

Kegs and Eggs

I woke up Saturday morning with a rumble in my stomach, the first ever Brewery Kegs and Eggs was hours away and needless to say I was excited. Everything on the menu looked fantastic. I ordered the pastrami hash with poached eggs and hollandaise. Let me be honest with my readers, as much as I love beer I have never had beer with my breakfast. I’ll wait for you to get over the shock…good?…ok. As soon as my plate was put on the table, jealousy spread like wild fire as the three others I was with wished they ordered what i did, and they should have. It was amazing and I was glad the head chef could pull off breakfast at a brewery, but who had doubt? Other highlights included turkey sausage with a pretzel and a breakfast burrito, among others. I washed mine down with a Milk Stout (obviously) and as we were eating some complimentary fresh fruit and danishes were placed on our table. Well done guys!

2 out of 270 Ain’t Bad

For those who live under a rock and had no idea what was going on this week, the Brewery released 3 logs (or 270 8 ounce pours as learned by Google) of Kate over three surprise days this week. The first one came at lunch on Monday and everyone on the Beverage Lab missed the opportunity. Hovering over their blog on Wednesday I found out they were going to release their 2nd at 5:07 on Wednesday night. MM and I were off like lighting and were able to snag a glass 5 minutes before it was kicked at 5:35, Days go by and a post Saturday night showed up on their blog stating that the last log will be tapped at 7:00 and you better believe I was in the Lapanza Lounge at 6:30 and was able to get my 2nd glass of Kate of the week. So between the 3 members of the Beverage Lab, we totaled 3 glasses of Kate, not too shabby!

My Pledge

After a great conversation between me, Johnnie and Tyler from the Brewery, I have grown a crazy amount of appreciation for craft beer. I thought about this long and hard over the week and I think its time to make my pledge. I am a beer drinker, but I don’t have to settle for the mass produced, low quality beers that are being pushed into our house holds thanks to TV commercials, cans that turn blue when ready to drink, houses made out of beer cans, and of course those darn frogs. It’s time to change my habits and stick to great, flavorful craft beer. Good-bye keg parties with crappy kegs, as I will be the guy with the 6-pack of something better. Now that I am brewing my own beer (and drinking one as i type) it is more motivation to get out of my comfort zone and try beers I haven’t tried before. Rant over. Think you could make the same pledge? My name is on the Beer Declaration of Independence which is hanging in the Brewery as my promise to appreciate all that is Craft Beer.

ACBW ends when the clock strikes midnight tonight, so get to your local package store, local bar or pub and raise a glass to a great week. A HUGE thanks to the Portsmouth Brewery on a truely great week. Here’s to another week ahead!