ACBW Day 4 Featured Beer: Redhook Double Black

Our readers know we sing praises for the Portsmouth Brewery. Who wouldn’t? It is the definition of American Craft Beer. However if you drive a mile down the road you will find yet another beer mecca. Redhook brewery is without question on a bigger scale then most breweries in the Seacoast, and as of 1994 you can find its second brewery over in Woodinville, WA. A hot tip for our readers, pick up any of the Portsmouth Tourist maps for a coupon worth a free Redhook tour. Let’s be honest, the tour itself is $2 and you get a free sampling glass at the end of it all, so make sure you feel extra guilty when you use the coupon, or be sure regardless to tip your tour guide well, who is one of the best tour guides around.

Redhook makes great beer, with my favorite being one of their limited releases. These are how limited releases should be. A brew that is so special they will only bring it out once every year or once ever. A limited release beer should leave a lasting impression on you and will have you singing its praises over and over. Double Black is that beer.


As a Stoutsman (coined term), I appreciate all that lies in a dark and heavy beer. My palette absolutely enjoys the the smooth feel of a stout and the taste of coffee, and this is Double Black. This is how coffee stouts should be. This is by no means an overly heavy beer with a big bite. It pours ridiculously well into a glass leaving a nice caramel color head and the first taste is so smooth you have to double take. Perhaps they should have named this brew Double Take, because after every sip you will look at your glass and wish most beers tasted this good. Have a significant other that isn’t a beer connoisseur? This is the beer that will change their opinions about being adventurous with beer. My girlfriend is in love with two brews; Portsmouth Brewery’s Cream Ale and the Double Black, two brews completely opposite of each other but both deserving of top honors in their respective categories.

Like most great beers, it is gone and only Redhook knows if/when it will return. Until then you can find fairly close replacements at the Portsmouth Brewery. Le Chat Noir is by far the closest you can get to a coffee stout like Double Black.

Redhookfest 2010

In high school I operated a 1994 Nissan Sentra with an explicative describing a female dog key scratched into both the driver side and the passenger side doors. To go along with the don’t care attitude I had when I purchased the car for $500, my car only carried 2 CDs for the 3 years I owned this car. Hootie and the Blowfish’s Cracked Rear View and Blues Traveler’s Four. What does this have to do with Redhook? Quite a bit. While surfing the Red Hook website last night I noticed they have posted information on their Redhookfest. This is a day of lounging, eating some great food, drinking some great beer and listening to some fine music. The band that will be rocking your socks of this year is a little band known as Blues Traveler, ever heard of em?

Redhookfest is July 24, for more information check out their site. I have never been to a Redhookfest, but this just might be the one to go to.

Also don’t forget to get your tickets (not really tickets but it will put your name on a list) for the Portsmouth Brewery’s Craft Beer Social tonight! Did I also mention me and MM got to the Brewery just in time before Kate ran out last night? Check our twitter for the photo of Kate in all her glory.