ACBW Day 2 Featured Beer: Black IPA

Look at the photo from the previous post and it goes to show you how well we like to make sure our posts flow here in the Bev Lab. Johnnie posted a shot of the Milk Stout tap. Milk stout is without a doubt my favorite brew from the Brewery. However, there is one beer that has me curious and confused. As my readers and friends know I am was not an IPA man. But ladies and gentlemen I give to you my conversion beer. The beer that opened the door to the IPA for me. It messes with all 5 of your senses. It looks like a Brown or Stout, but smells and tastes like an IPA. I present to you, the Black IPA.

Tyler puts our confusion at bay with this quote from this blog post:

There is this great German malt called CaraFa II. It is a dehusked, high roasted malt that gives great color with out the roast flavor. So add some of this to our IPA recipe, changed the hopping slightly. BAM! You have a dark beer with the body and hop character of an IPA

If I could describe to you the Black IPA in one word I would say it’s one of the greatest brews to come through the taps in some time and has changed my view on IPAs forever.  At first sip you taste the bitterness and you definitly give the glass a second look, in amazement because you asked for an IPA and got one, but unlike any other.

It just showed up again on the taps right along side the Milk Stout and it is better than ever. As of the writing of this post, just two days after getting it off the taps myself, it seems to be gone. However, by the looks of the ACBW page on the Brewery’s site, it may show up again on Wednesday to pair with some great food! What this brew has on the Milk Stout is that you can get the Black IPA in a growler so you can enjoy it anywhere open containers are allowed. The Milk Stout, sadly, can not be stored in a growler, but I think that gives you more reason to get to the brewery and get a pint of Milk Stout while the bartender fills your growler (limit 2) with the Willy Wonka of beers, the Black IPA.

Congratulations Tod and Tyler, on crafting a fantastic beverage that can only be reviewed by those who are so bold enough to try it, as my review can only attempt to get more people out of their comfort zone to try something new.

American Craft Beer Week continues!



Spoiler alert: One or more of the Bev Lab crew may or may not be attending the 5 course Craft Beer Week Social 😉