Step aside Dos Amigos, a new Taco is in town

A lot of you know where you can get $2 Tacos on Tuesday, over at Dos Amigos. However, did you that there is another place in town with a better beer selection serving up tacos on Tuesday for only $1?  Was the Brewery on your mind? Mine neither, until I checked them out a couple of weeks ago, and I will tell you that they are fantastic.

Recently, the hard workers at the Brewery have been trying new things. It seems as of the past couple months they have implemented some great Lapanza Lounge specials such as the Empanadas, half-priced mussels (Sunday) and my new go to, $1 Tacos (Tuesday). As we know the Brewery is known for… you guessed it… their brews. But with the recent nomination of Head Chef Todd Sweet for the spotlight awards, it is giving the Brewery a chance to showcase their great food.

Every Tuesday me and the rest of the Beverage Lab crew, among others, play a little kick ball, and after the games we can go to the Gas Light for some discounted items as members of the NHSCC. Our first stop after a game is undoubtedly the Lapanza Lounge for the Tacos. You don’t expect good food, and it sounds like a cheap scam to make money off customers, but let me be the first to tell you that you need to try these.

You have your choice of Beef, Chicken or for our more adventurous (or vegan) friends, Tempeh, which is my favorite, not because I’m vegan but because it’s the best damn taco in town. Nothing puts a smile on your face than a couple soft tacos and any one of the following currently on tap at the Brewery (list taken from their blog):

Don’t want to believe me? Try them yourself on Tuesday and thank me in the comments. For more information on what specials the Brewery is cooking up, be sure to check out their blog and follow them on Twitter. We also have a page featuring them in our ‘Drink Here’ section at the top of the page.