Do a Good Deed Daily… and get a Beer

The ole’ Boy Scout motto. Do a good deed daily. I worked my way in the ranks from Wolf Cub to Bear Cub to Weeblo and managed a year with my arrow of light as a Boy Scout before going a different route, the “not being a Boy Scout for more than a year” route. Regardless of my time spent with the scouts, I still maintain the motto, as everyone should, scout or not.

As a respectful beer drinker, good deeds come in all shapes and sizes. Buying a buddy a brew at a bar, purchasing a case of communal beers for your roommate or standing in line on Kate Day to share a bottle of Kate the Great with your dad. Which brings me to my recent good deed that came on March 1, 2009 also known as “Kate Day” at the Portsmouth Brewery.

March 1 2:30 am
As if Christmas is upon me, I couldn’t. MM and I are roommates in a fortunate location in Portsmouth. March 1 had been marked on our wall calendar for a while and the day was upon us, Kate Day. We had planned on waking up at 4am and getting right in line and enjoy our bottle of Kate the Great from the Brewery. Little did we know we had some competition….other beer lovers!

I was awoken at 2:30am by the first 10 people in line. 10 people had the brass ones to get in line that early, wow. Getting nervous, there was no way I was going back to sleep. By 4am, MM and I were out the door and in line. If anyone reading this was there in line you would know, it was a miserable morning. Cold and raining with hundreds of people in line. We spoke to people from North Carolina and Delaware who came up here solely for Kate, what dedication!At 4am we were in line that stretched to the Hanover lot!

March 1 6:00am
The calendar pages were handed out to everyone, indicating they are guaranteed 2 bottles of Kate, and now the mass of people dwell upon a quiet sleeping Portsmouth. No one knew what to occupy the next 3 hours with until Kate was actually given out at 9am. We were fine, we live close enough…too close… so we went back to the apartment. Not 10 minutes went by where the energy of Kate Day encouraged me and MM to make coffee for those who were waiting outside. We introduced ourselves to a group of 4 who have been in line a while, offered coffee and delivered.

Beer drinkers do not let fellow beer drinkers go thirsty. Stunned and a bit confused at us strangers giving them coffee and conversation under a storefront awning, they explained to us they came from Vermont to get a couple bottles of the Great. A few minutes of beer talk went by and one of the gentlemen asked “Hold on a second, you like stout’s right? I’ll be right back”. We had no where to go, after a few more minutes he returns with a rare bottle of brew. “Oh that stuff is great, man”, one of his friends belts out. We looked at it in all it’s glory.

Lawson’s Fayston Maple Imperial Stout

Beer Advocate link:

This was a rare beer and for someone give it up to us as a thanks for giving him coffee? We have done a good deed and were rewarded. After a few more minutes we said our good-byes and continued on with our day.

This was a brew where we needed the perfect dinner to enjoy it. Weeks went by, and the Lawson’s sat in our fridge, until one night. MM came into my room and offered to cook steak for dinner. 1) I don’t turn down a free meal and 2)This was a perfect time to open the Stout. We peeled the wax cap off, poured it evenly into two glasses and enjoyed. Enjoyed is an understatement. This was a strong stout but extremely flavorful! Take some time to read the BA reviews to see just how highly regarded Lawson’s beers are.

Moral of the story? Beer lovers should not be scared to talk to other beer lovers. It’s a great community and good deeds ARE rewarded!

See you at the next Kate Day!