Take the Beverage Lab on the Go!

Just a quick note to let you all know you can now take our site on the road with you! When you launch SeacoastBeverageLab.com from your mobile browser you will be sent to a nice and easy to read site, formatted for most smart phones. Don’t like it, or love our layout too much? Scroll down and you can choose to view the full site in all its beauty.

And to add a cherry on top, go ahead and add a bookmark to your phones home screen. You will get a nice little brew icon with easy access to the blog!

Thanks for stopping by!


The Seacoast Beverage Lab does not promote the reading of our site while operating a motor vehicle. However, we do promote the reading of our posts aloud to those who are operating a motor vehicle. Accidents caused by reactions to our blog posts while in a motor vehicle are not our fault! Please drive responsibly, please drink responsibly, but NEVER combine the two! That is all.