No Beer, but plenty of Bomb Threats!

For those unaware, most of downtown is Beer-less, and you can blame a gentleman in camo pants currently on a Greyhound bus surrounded by caution tape, bomb sniffing dogs, robots, cameras and Portsmouth’s finest. The bars affected that I can gather consist of Page, Legends (who cares?) , Gaslight, Brewery, Coat of Arms and Fat Belly’s. Gas Light and Brewery had similar signs on their doors stating they hoped to reopen for dinner at 5, but that has yet to happen, as the bus is still parked in front of the Hanover lot.

The only thing we can hope for is the man will step off the bus in time to grab a brew from Coat of Arms before pint night ends at 9pm. At this rate he has been on that bus for 12 hours since it left in Bangor,ME. For now your best bets are to check out Press Room and if that is closed wander towards the Hammer or the Saloon and wait it out. Stay safe Portsmouth!

10:30pm Update
At the time of this writing the gentleman has surrendered and the bars listed above are still closed. We will see what the situation was when the news is on. Goodnight Portsmouth.