B’s Weekend Bar Tab Review- 4/17

Time for another installment. Hope you all had a great weekend. While it was wet up here I still managed to track down some interesting brews this weekend.

Smuttynose Hanami Ale

For those who follow us on Twitter (thank you), I post photos as I take them on the road, so some of these photos may not be new to you. My beer discovering started early this weekend when I was shopping for Thursday night’s dinner at Hanafords. After picking up everything on my list I am forced to walk past the brew isle on my way to the checkout. As curious as I am I take a stroll down and stumble upon this great looking 6 pack. I had never seen it before and I had to have it. Smuttynose Hanami Ale is labeled an Ale with Cherries, but don’t let it fool you, this brew packs a punch. For those familiar with Flanders Red from the Portsmouth Brewery, this is like its little sister. Little sour at first but you can definitely taste the cherries, and it went well with my dinner. Note, the sushi next to it are actually candles purchased from Tulips, the store that replace the Market St Hot Tub place next to the Brewery.

The Black Knight

Here is my pick of the week. I love trying new places, and my girlfriend and I try to do so once a week. She had been talking about this place that was a church and now is a bar so I had to try it. The Holy Grail in Epping, NH is a pub inside an old church, and I picture this is how church should be. Right when I walked in I felt like a kid in Disneyland because it was just really cool inside. I had pictured in my mind a really run down place that was thrown together but I think the Holy Grail did a great job. The thing that caught my eye was the mugs. I purchased this mug and it was filled with “The Black Knight”, which was half Guinness and half Holy Grail Ale, yum! I am now a proud owner of a great mug and I plan to drink every beer I have in it. Oh, and the food was good too.

Red Hook 8-4-1 Expedition Ale

This was a treat. I was in the area and it had crossed my mind that I had yet to try this limited edition beverage. So i shot over to Red Hook and walked up to the fridge and sure enough the 8-4-1 Expedition was in stock. Just like that there were 2 less on the shelf then when I got there. The brew was created by Red Hook’s expert Brewers. The description is short and oh so sweet:

“8-4-1 Expedition Ale is a great beer.  Its combination of brown sugar and honey, paired with a variety of rich specialty and smoked malts before being aged for months with oak chips, give it a depth worth sipping next to the fire.  Inspired by eight brewers working four teams, 8-4-1 offers complex nuances to the traditional American-Style Strong Brown Ale that I am confident beer connoisseurs will appreciate.”

– Greg Deuhs, Redhook brewmaster

You definitly taste the honey from the get go and I really liked it. Although it was about 9.5% ABV, it did not taste like it as it went down very smoothly. I strongly suggest to those in the area to get over to Red Hook and get while the getting is good.

Cream Ale Sold Out

For those who have been screaming Cream Ale at the top of their lungs for the past 2 weeks, the Cream Ale has been kicked at the Portsmouth Brewery. I walked past the gift shop and decided to take a peak in the fridge, and there it was. All by its lonesome was the las bottle of Cream Ale. Who knows when it is going to come back? Hopefully not another 4 years. Photo of the infamous bottle is in our Twitpics, enjoy.

All for now, cheers to those who ran or thought of running the Boston Marathon today!