B’s Weekend Bar Tab Review- 4/10

Tuesday already? The weekend flew by but there are some beers to report about!

I stayed in Portsmouth this weekend, while MM and Johnnie P among others ventured up to Portland, ME to sample some of the brews up there. They were nice enough to bring me back one of Sebago Brewery’s beers, the Milestone Ale. I drank it while at our weekly ‘Pacific’ (HBO) dinner. This was a fantastic beer for a non-IPA-loving fan. There is just enough hoppiness to notice, but it is definitely not over hoppy. It is nice to know I have great friends who still think of me while they are away sampling the finer beers of Maine. Thanks again!

As for me? I had the opportunity to sample a home brew! Not mine (yet), but I am proud to say I am bottling my first ever batch tonight with the help of MM. As for the home brew I did have, it was my first ever beer brewed by my dad.

My dad has been a home brewer for years, the years I wasn’t 21. I can still remember the smell of the malt and hops reeking havoc on our kitchen, but somehow I loved it. I remember bottling the beer as well, sitting corss-legged on the kitchen floor, filling up each bottle to the top and capping it. Those were the days. But I consider those days my own little prohibition, as I was just a kid in those days.

My dad has just gotten back into brewing and I just sampled his Irish Red. Taking my first sip of something I have been wanting to taste since I was 10 was a big flashback moment to all of the memories listed above. It was great and I instantly snapped a photo (shown above) and sent it off to my dad, congratulating him on a job well done!

Honorable mentions of the weekend: Luckily the Cream Ale is still flowing strong (knock on wood) and I was able to pick up a couple bottles in the brewery to horde in my fridge in case it just up and leaves. I truly think the Brewery should consider replacing the Dirty Blonde with the Cream Ale. Thoughts?

Welp that’s all about my weekend in beer. Portsmouth is getting packed with tourists again, and by the looks and sounds of it they just power washed the deck at the Brewery! I’ll leave you with this question. What’s your favorite Portsmouth Deck in the Summer?