B’s Weekend Bar Tab Review

This weekend I hopped in my car and hit the Mass Pike for western MA where I spent Easter weekend with my parents. This being final four weekend I accompanied them to a final four party. This party was for beer lovers. Not only was the weather perfect for some outside mingling, but there was a TV on cheap NFL jerseys the patio for those who want to lounge outside by the treasure chest of ice cold micro brews. Sure there were the usual cheap mlb jerseys suspects; Sam Seaonsals and Harpooons, but among them was a strong representation of Western MA brewing. I said my hellos to the party guests and then introduced myself to the beer.

Opa Opa Red Rock Ale

Based out of Southampton, MA, Opa Opa has some fine brews. I cheap jerseys had the chance to try there Red Rock Ale and I was pleased. This Amber Ale was perfect to Schulzentrum start the night off. I am in the midst of brewing my first home brew, an Bad amber, and I can only hope it will taste this good.

Paper City Holyoke Dam Ale

I dove back into the brew bucket and found what I dub my pick of the week. This was a fantastic ale that I could have easily stuck with all night if I didn’t have to leave after the first game. The hardest part about this beer is I found it the night before Easter, meaning the select amount of package stores that carry this beer will be closed the next day. I will be buying a case when I make my way back west and you should check it out too. For more information check out their (slow) website

Northampton Brewery Beer Sampler

Brew Fun Fact!
Hey beer lovers, did you know that the owner of the Northampton Brewery in Northampton, MA is the sister of the owner of the Portsmouth Brewery? For those who have read the back of the menu at the Portsmouth Brew pub would have know this. This was my wholesale jerseys first time checking out the Noho Brewery and it won’t be my Бритни last. Their style is a little more upbeat than the Portsmouth Brewery, but I’ll admit from the sampler I had I love the brews better right here in Portsmouth. I tried the Magic Carpet Ride, Porter, Imperial Stout and the Steamer.

For those who don’t know, I am not the biggest light beer fan. I enjoy darker porters and stouts. The Noho’s Porter and Imperial Stout were great, but the Magic Carpet Ride and Steamer left me wanting something way better. I did enjoy playing a high brow game of Yahtzee with some good friends. I lost, but spending some time at the Brew Pub for the first time was a win!

Cream Ale, Cream Ale Cream Ale

I met my girlfriend in June, for the past 9 months all I hear about is this one beer the Portsmouth Brewery had on tap sometime back in 2006 and have yet to bring it back. Since then, she has been very diligent in her quest to ask everyone possible why it hasn’t returned, as it is her favorite brew from the Brew Pub. Until now. After an “April Fools Day, non April Fools joke” blog post by the Brewery, the Cream Ale is back on tap, just vs in time for opening day!

From Yahtzee at the Noho Brewery to Scrabble at the Portsmouth Brewery, me, my girlfriend and roommate toasted to opening season with a Cream Ale. It is a very refreshing beer and I think it competes with their signature Dirty Blond Ale. If you get a chance to go try it you will be pleased. Apparently when it’s gone it may be gone for another long stretch of time!

All for now, back to work for this guy. Battle Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!